Dinotefuran SC

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1. One drug can treat multiple diseases and has a broad insecticidal spectrum. This product is effective against planthoppers, whiteflies, psyllids, stink bugs, aphids of the order Hemiptera, leaf beetles of the order Coleoptera, leafminers of the order Lepidoptera, and diptera. The effect is remarkable for spotted leafminers.

2. Strong internal absorption and high penetration. This product has high water solubility and can be quickly absorbed through plant roots, stems and leaves, and quickly transmitted to the entire plant. It can also penetrate the waxy layer of leaves to achieve permeability layer transfer, achieving Killing insects without blind spots.

3. It has good quick-acting effect, long-lasting effect, complete insecticide, long-lasting effect for 3-4 weeks, and no cross-resistance with other pesticides.

4. High safety and environmentally friendly. This product has low toxicity to humans and livestock, low toxicity to fish, water, fleas, algae and other aquatic organisms and birds. It is safe to predatory mites and spider natural enemies and is safe to crops. .

Dinotefuran SC


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